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  • Euthanasia not black and white

    By Laurie Hilsgen

    I support the disability movement's concerns about legalising euthanasia and what this means for people who have high support needs, and the elderly, and the chronically ill.

    On the surface of it, having the choice to die is empowering.

  • Give Carers A Break This Summer

    MEDIA RELEASE        22 December, 2014

    Health service claims of ‘granny dumping’ over the summer holidays are often made at this time of year, but the national charity which supports New Zealand’s 430,000+ family carers says the issue reflects the country’s fragmented respite system. 

    “For every case of so-called granny dumping there are thousands of Kiwis providing 24/7 care for someone who is frail or has high support needs, and they need a break just like everyone else over the holidays,” says chief executive Laurie Hilsgen. 

  • Drop Your Pants Here

    That is the sign at the end of our street. It is on a signboard attached to the Laundry on the corner in letters a metre high.

    You can see it all the way down the hill as you come into town from the south on the State Highway.

    There are other signs, in much smaller letters, attached to the laundry building. One gives the opening hours, as you would expect, and another tells about the 24 hour Laundromat and internet café. But high above all the others is “Drop Your Pants Here”.

    Now, at one stage in my life, that would have made sense.

  • Ignorance Behind Granny Dumping Claims

    At least once a year, usually at Christmas, you can count on a story about 'granny dumping' by callous families wanting a carefree holiday unburdened by elderly dependents.

    Such families, so the theory goes, dump their elders on hospital doorsteps, even though they are not sick enough to warrant residential treatment, but are perhaps not well enough to stay home alone while the rest of the household decamps for the holiday period.

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