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  • Young caring with Mercy

    Hi, my name is Mercy I’m 12 and have three brothers, Ollie 21, Levi 15 and True 4. 

     My eldest brother Ollie needs a lot of help and often we miss out on sports and other activities. Sometimes people stare at us but I don’t mind, other times there are nice people who smile or start talking with Ollie.

  • Wonderful Web Feb

    Get the most out of the digital world.

    There are millions and millions of websites and web services available online.  Here’s some of them that I hope that you might find useful.

    The Not So Cool Stuff

    This is how to stay safe on the internet.  There are people out there who think it is fun to ruin other people’s fun.  Here’s some tips for being careful on the internet:

  • The value of kindness

    Welcome to 2017! There’s something really nice about celebrating one year and starting fresh on the next. Even though there is only one day between last year and this year, suddenly the world seems to open up with endless possibilities.

  • Lights along the way

    The Carers Walk for Wellbeing is following the ancient Camino Portugues, 240 kilometres from Porto, Portugal to Finisterre in Spain. We pass many churches and cathedrals which provide shelter, and sometimes an opportunity to light a candle ... make a wish, say a prayer.

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