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Research: Does Your Carer Take Sugar? (2013)

Does Your Carer Take Sugar? was written by Professor Luke Clements (Cardiff Law School) and delivered delivered to the Carers NSW Biennial Conference in March 2013. This informative paper examines carers rights and the parallel struggles of disabled people and carers for equal treatment. 

Download a PDF of Does Your Carer Take Sugar?

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Research: Prepared to Care? (UK) 2013

PreparedToCareReportIn preparation for Carers Week 2013 in the United Kingdom, a group of charities set out to explore how much, as a society, they are prepared to care.

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Research: The State of Caregiving (UK) 2013

StateofCaring2013This research from Carers UK indicates that one in three full-time carers get no practical support. Launched to coincide with its landmark policy conference, the State of Caring 2013 report examines carers’ health and family finances, experiences of juggling work and care, and of NHS and care services. It also sets out five key challenges from carers.

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Research: Cost of Disability Report 2010

This document describes the findings from the Cost of Disability research project conducted by the Disability Resource Centre Auckland, Inc (DRC Auckland) in collaboration with the University of Auckland’s Centre for Health Services Research and Policy (CHSRP). 

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Research: Families Providing Complex Chronic Care (USA) 2012

A US report issued by AARP Public Policy Institute (PPI) and the United Hospital Fund (UHF) shows that 46% of family carers perform medical and nursing tasks for a loved one with multiple chronic physical and cognitive conditions. 

Based on a national survey of 1,677 family carers, the report, titled Home Alone: Family Caregivers Providing Complex Chronic Care, explores the complexity of tasks that carers provide.

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Research: Disabled Parenting - Diversity, Experiences and Support Needs 2012

The Families Commission developed its Disabled Parenting resource to share existing knowledge about the needs and experiences of disabled parents, and to identify and discuss related issues. 

The resource highlights the support and initiatives that make a positive difference for disabled parents and their families and whanau.

It focuses particularly on:

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Research: Evaluation of the Complex Carers Group Project 2005

Download this comprehensive research report, which grew out of concerns expressed by families in Auckland caring for disabled children and young people who have significant needs.

Family carers of children and young adults are usually parents, although siblings sometimes take on the caring role when parents are no longer available. In contrast, carers of older disabled adults are more typically spouses or adult offspring.

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Research: The Needs of New Zealand Carers (2010)

DrDianeJorgensenIf you are feeling frustrated in finding the sort of information you need as a carer, struggling to find the extra money to cover things such as medications or special foods for the person you are supporting, or finding it almost impossible to arrange to have some time out from your caring role, you are not alone.

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