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Big Ideas for Small Gardens

Clever ways to enhance New Zealand outdoor spaces, from the book Big Ideas for Small Gardens by Carol Bucknell and Sally Tagg (Penguin NZ).

  • Consider a contemporary potager garden for small courtyards or townhouse gardens, with neatly trimmed hedges and beautifully arranged herbs, flowers, fruit trees and vegetables.
  • The use of walls, fences, climbing frames, trellises, obelisks and arches allows you to grow more vegetables in a small area and adds interest to the edible garden.
Practical Planning

Carer Story: Roses and Silverbeet Among the Daisies

HarcourtFamilyEnjoying flowers from their garden is an everyday treat for Dame Kate and Miranda Harcourt - literally, because a vibrant garden is a central part of their Wellington home, and metaphorically, because it symbolises how they work, share and laugh together as mother and daughter. 

The Harcourts used to live a more conventional life.

Supporting Others

Life Coach: Plant, Weed, Nourish!

Keeping the garden tidy and enjoying its gifts has many parallels with how we approach life. By Family Care columnist and life coach Richard Blakeborough.

Last Sunday I had a day in the garden. I have a very large garden, and sometimes the thought of getting out and weeding frightens me, because there is so much to do!

A benefit of spending long hours in the garden is that I have time to think. And last Sunday I needed to think.

Caring For You

Creating Friendly Outdoor Areas

Plan your outdoor areas so they are easy to access, and provide maximum enjoyment! By landscape designer Kirsten Sach.

Some of my first childhood memories are being led around my grandmother’s garden as she picked flowers, herbs, and handfuls of lemon verbena, crushing them in her hands to demonstrate their beautiful scent.Her garden was her sanctuary, a place to unwind and relax, and a sustainable source of food. But most importantly, I saw how gardening for my grandmother kept her occupied and physically active. She often talked of how gardening stilled her mind.

Practical Planning

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