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National Support Groups Database!

If you are caring for a friend or family member who has a rare disease or disorder, or if you have a professional interest in rare disorders, the website of the New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders should be your first port of call.

Practical Planning

Care Matters: Wellbeing and Learning for Carers

If you care for a disabled family member under the age of 65, the new Care Matters service, delivered by SAMS and Parent To Parent, may be for you!

Caring For You

MeetUps: Learning, Sharing, Fun for Carers!

Would you like to meet other carers in your community?

Carers NZ is planning MeetUps for carers across the country in 2016. To find out where and when our upcoming MeetUps will be held, visit and search for 'carers' in your area. Click through to a MeetUp to RSVP; it's that simple! If you've joined the group you'll be notified of all upcoming MeetUps.


All Kinds of Help! Our Comprehensive Guide

NZGuidePageMany organisations offer specialised advice and information to help older people, family carers, and New Zealanders who have health or disability needs. 


Complex Care Group


Complex Care Group (CCG) is a support and information network for a special group of carers, run by carers, who look after young people with complex needs. 

Visit the CCG website to:

Practical Planning

Government Services for Seniors

SeniorServicesDownload this helpful guide which covers a range of information and help that’s available to people aged 65 years and older. Produced by the Ministry of Social Development, Services for Seniors will help older people and their supporters to find out what’s out there, and where you should go if you need to know more.

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Rural Support Options

Tight-knit, loyal, renowned for caring on their own and for their own, the strength of NZ's rural communities is legendary. So it’s no wonder that many country folk are reluctant to move away from the place they love best, even as they age or face life-changing circumstances. The question, of course, is do they need to? Diana Noonan explores rural support options.

Practical Planning

Ministry of Health: Information for Older People

YoungOldHandsIf you support an older person, visit the Services for Older People section of the Ministry of Health’s website for helpful information and resources. 

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Support At Home: Needs Assessment and Service Coordination

If you are assisting elderly friends or family members, or need more help yourself these days to continue living independently at home, you may be eligible for government-funded assistance.

All New Zealanders who have ongoing health or disability support needs can be considered for various kinds of assistance. You'll need what's known as a needs assessment to access any publicly funded help.

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111: Advice from St John

St John PhotoWhat to do during a 111 call.

1. When the Telecom operator answers, ask to speak to ambulance.

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Diabetes NZ: Pamphlets, Booklets, Support + Advice

Diabetes Disaster KitCarers NZ surveys indicate that many of New Zealand's family carers have diabetes, or support someone who do.


Help from Your Pharmacy to Stay Independent at Home

YellowTickMany community pharmacists and pharmacies offer a service to help customers stay independent, healthy and active. The Supporting Independent Living Programme addresses issues that threaten the health, independence and quality of life of people as they age or cope with ill health and/or disability.

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Advice: Ask your Pharmacist

Chemists provide more services than most of us realise! Community chemists are the the health professionals family carers see most often, along with GPs and practice nurses. 

Hear advice from Ann Privet of the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand about managing medications with confidence. 

Ann Privet




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