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Are you caring for an older family member or friend?

If you support an older loved one, this resource may help!

Supporting Others

Are you an older person caring for your partner, family member, or friend?

Download our new resource for those who are older and who provide assistance for a family member or friend.

Supporting Others

Keep Going for Gold

The Keep Going for Gold resource is for people who are just turning 65 and is sent out with the SuperGold Card.

The resource was developed by ACC, and partners, to offer advice on keeping active, well and healthy for many years to come.

There is a lot of great information in the resource such as:

Supporting Others

Village Life

Retirement villages are springing up everywhere, offering worry-free lifestyles for older people and those who need extra support. Ranging from trendy apartments to standalone homes with plenty of space for guests, is village life for you? By Sarah Wale

What is a retirement village, exactly? It is somewhere for you to lead an active, independent life in your retirement, without the stresses of running and maintaining a home and garden. It will offer you security and companionship while enabling you to maintain as much privacy as you wish.

Supporting Others

Whose Life Is It?

By Dr Maree Todd

A geriatrician’s caring journey with her parents has been a professional eye-opener.

I have been working with older people and their families for 20 years. Over this time I have seen the love, dedication and frustration experienced by family caregivers.

My own journey supporting my father, Russell, and his adventures with our health system, have left me in no doubt where the strengths and weaknesses are! On the same day, Dad could experience the best and the worst treatment possible.

Supporting Others

Staying Connected with Family in Residential Care

How can you stay close to loved ones who need residential or long-term care? Here are ideas from Lorraine Pollock, who manages Bupa’s Winara facility in Waikanae.

Supporting Others

Keeping Mobile: Use Your Mobility Scooter Safely

If you currently use a mobility scooter or power chair or are considering using one in the future - this free booklet is for you.

Published by the NZ Transport Agency, Keeping Mobile: how to safely use your mobility scooter covers topics including scooter users' rights and responsibilities, safety and maintenance tips, advice on choosing the right scooter, and much more.

Caring For You

Carer Story: Supporting Dad

HeartCookiesBy Rosey Duncan

My Dad was a busy and productive man who worked hard and led a full life. Nicknamed The Mighty Atom by friends due to his energetic 'up and do' attitude, Dad served as a Flying Officer in the RNZAF during WWII (524 Squadron).

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Hoarding ... A Disorder That Can Be Distressing For Everyone

Dr Maree Todd, a geriatrician for Auckland Hospital and advisor to Bupa Care Services, says Mary J's experience with her Mum's hoarding can be tricky to deal with.

"This is the story of someone with a hoarding disorder. These situations are always complex, have no simple cure, tend to develop over a long period, and cause frustration and distress to families, neighbours, and health professionals alike."

Supporting Others

Interview: Dame Fiona Kidman

Hear an interview with Dame Fiona Kidman as she talks about the the joys and difficulties she experienced when supporting her elderly mother.

Supporting Others

Downsizing? Choices, Choices!

Considering a change of home and lifestyle? It's good to be proactive if you have outgrown your family home, have health concerns, or want to be closer to family. Who's out there to help with this major change? Diana Noonan reports.

Supporting Others

Government Services for Seniors

SeniorServicesDownload this helpful guide which covers a range of information and help that’s available to people aged 65 years and older. Produced by the Ministry of Social Development, Services for Seniors will help older people and their supporters to find out what’s out there, and where you should go if you need to know more.

Supporting Others

Ministry of Health: Information for Older People

YoungOldHandsIf you support an older person, visit the Services for Older People section of the Ministry of Health’s website for helpful information and resources. 

Supporting Others

Guidelines on Physical Activity for Older People

GuidelinesPhysicalActivityThe Ministry of Health's Guidelines on Physical Activity for Older People are designed to help New Zealanders aged 65 years and over live longer and healthier lives. 

The document gives the following five key recommendations:

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Carer Story: A Friend for Mum!

When Family Care editor Laurie Hilsgen's Mum shifted to an assisted living apartment, her seven children hoped she would settle easily and make new friends. But chronic loneliness prompted a rethink, and feisty debate among the siblings. If their Mum was finding it hard to make friends, should they hire one to visit her each week?

Blood is thicker than water, but fresh blood has its place.
Our family learned this lesson when, following a nasty case of shingles, our 81 year old mother suddenly needed 24/7 care and had to leave her home of nearly 60 years.

Supporting Others

A Year Ago Today

If you are supporting an elderly parent who is dying or very unwell, visit the blog of Carers World Radio producer and presenter Patricia Mitchell. 

"A year ago my mother fell and broke her hip. It has been a very sad, bumpy and illuminating journey over the last year. I have learned a lot about people: family, friends, strangers, and myself."

Supporting Others

Keeping Moving: Staying Mobile!

More people of all ages are using mobility scooters, walking frames, and walking sticks. Once ugly and institutional, today's most popular aids are colourful, attractive, and have appealing features. Find the equipment that's best for you with advice from Auckland's Independent Living Centre.

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Stroke Foundation Information for Carers

Intimacy After StrokeDownload helpful booklets and pamphlets at the Stroke Foundation website, and learn about support options near where you live.


Help + Information from the Cancer Society of NZ

Cancer Society LogoThe website of the Cancer Society is an important source of information for New Zealanders affected by cancer and their families. The Society provides information about types of cancer, diagnosis, methods of treatment, and advice about living with cancer. 

Supporting Others

Keeping Moving: Advice for Older Drivers

Senior Citizens DrivingDownload the NZ Transport Agency's booklet about the driver licence renewal process, and tips to keep older drivers moving.

Supporting Others

Advice: Preventing Pressure Sores

NursewithOlderLadyOlder people who spend a lot of time sitting or lying down, and whose skin has become fragile due to ageing, can quickly develop pressure sores, which may take a long time to heal. 

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Advice: Caring For Older Skin

HandsOur skin can need more TLC as we get older, so it's important to keep it fresh, supple, and free of pressure risks. 

Loss of moisture and changes to skin structure can lead to problems such as dryness and itchiness. The skin also thins and becomes more fragile with age. This can be caused by medications as well, such as long term use of prednisone. A healthy diet and good fluid intake is vital for healthy older skin.

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Advice: Caring for Feet!

FeetInBedFoot hygiene is essential for everyone, especially older people or those with circulatory or diabetic conditions. Care for your family member’s feet (and yours too!) with tips from registered nurse and beauty therapist Glenny Jones. 

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Advice: Supporting Elderly Parents

ClipBoardHow will you know when your elderly parents need more help?

This can be a difficult issue to gauge, especially if you don’t live within an easy distance to your family. A needs assessment is the formal gateway to ensure your elderly relatives are receiving the various forms of support they should be.

Supporting Others

Caring for Nana Balloon

NanaBalloonWhen 80 year old Phyllis died, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren each tied a bright, helium-filled balloon to her casket.

Phyllis' nickname was ‘Nana Balloon' because she loved to give them as gifts to her grandchildren.

Supporting Others

Help for the Hard of Hearing

Who can help if you think you might be experiencing some level of hearing loss (it's a problem for 16% of the general population, and 33% of those aged 60 plus)? 


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All About Osteoporosis

Contrary to popular belief, osteoporosis is not a disease that only afflicts 'old ladies'. While it's true that more than half of women in New Zealand aged 60 years or older will be affected by osteoporosis, did you know that a third of men in the 60+ age bracket are also at risk, as are women as young as 25? 


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