Take 1 minute, Take 5: Bite Sized Breaks for Carer Wellbeing


From Chris Winitana. The singer can't be found in the iTunes store ... but she belongs there.


Le San des Flammes

An old kora player purifies a sick forest with his music.

Woodwork magic

Watch a master at work!

Creating and decorating woodturned crafts.

Meditation: Relax

AnnaFilliolThis meditation is designed to take you into a very deep state of rest.

It is a full body relaxation that helps to relieve stress of all kinds.

Press play and close your eyes for a few minutes of time out.

You deserve it!

Meditation: No Worries


This meditation may help you deal with anxiety.

Set yourself up in a warm, private, comfortable place and clear your mind of all responsibilities.

Release your worries.

Just push play ... and make the most of a well-deserved window of time out.

Meditation: Balancing and Grounding


Use this meditation when you want to replenish your energy, or if you feel out of sync in some way. 

Push play and have a few moments of relaxation and time out.

You deserve it.

Town Of Ghosts: Let's Visit Bodie

Bodie is the best preserved ghost town in the United States. 

Let's join Colin Rich and Mark Bernal on their sepia tour of Bodie's abandoned homes, buildings, and the local school. 

Bodie has long been a town of tumbleweeds and empty, dusty rooms. At night the big sky parades its stars, including plenty of falling ones to wish upon.

Soundtrack is Johnny Cash's haunting Wayfaring Stranger. 

This poem by Walter de la Mare suits the mood of our virtual visit to Bodie:

Fresh Start

These little blue penguins were contaminated by oil after the Rena spill disaster. 

They were released into the ocean after being cleaned, thanks to their caring community.


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