Perchance To Dream

An ideal sleep environment (the right temperature, low wattage bulbs, clean room, no noise machines, and, especially no cellphones) soothes any person’s senses. 

Without it, say psychologists, we’re booked for ongoing problems such as daytime sleepiness, poor decision-making, interference with learning, and accidents. 

But if that's important for all of us, how much more crucial must it be for those receiving ongoing care? Especially those for whom bad sleep only makes things worse, both for those being cared for and those doing the caring

All of which makes a recently unveiled line of healthcare fabrics of more than usual interest. 

Created by the Swiss textile brand Création Baumann, these new items promote both the physical and psychological wellbeing of patients, and their rest home-friendly design is said to keep superclean. The new set has just been released. It will be interesting to see the feedback.

DavidCohenDavid Cohen is a Wellington author and journalist who writes frequently about disability-related issues.