We Care!

WeCare The need to provide care for an ill, seriously injured, frail elderly, or disabled family member or friend can happen overnight, or develop gradually. Caring can be for a short time, or for a lifetime. We can all expect to give or receive family care during our lives.

Caring can be very rewarding, but it can also be all-consuming, requiring considerable personal sacrifice. Most carers happily provide this support without expectation of financial reward or recognition. They give a lot, and ask for little.

But Carers NZ and the NZ Carers Alliance worry about carers. Are many being asked to give too much, without enough support or concern for their own wellbeing?

We Care! aims to raise awareness of New Zealand's family, whanau, and aiga carers ... and to call for thoughtful decision-making so carers can get the help they have repeatedly asked for in government consultations.

If you are a family carer, or have an interest in carer issues then take some time to visit the We Care! website where you can keep up to date with news and items of interest relating to carers, and send an email to John Key encouraging him and the Government to better recognise and value family carers.

If you use Facebook then pay us a visit and join in on the running commentary from carers and supporters!