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NZGuidePageMany organisations offer specialised advice and information to help older people, family carers, and New Zealanders who have health or disability needs. 


I Am Here: Makeup Tips For Seniors

Recently, Family Care magazine received a letter from an ‘oldie’ who asked for some makeup tips for the more mature woman. Ula Western of The Essentials in Coopers Beach kindly provided some basic tips and rules for people aged 60+.


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I Am Here: And What Now?

Ros Capper has written And What Now? for those who are rebuilding after a major life change. Following is an extract from her book for other people facing life-altering challenges!


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A Never Ending Love Story


When Isobel Reed married Alfred Hamish Reed in 1899, she inserted the word 'cherish' into her vows in place of the traditional obey. It was a vow she was always to keep. By Katherine Findlay

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Carer Story: A Different Road

ColourfulFlowersAn extract from Shirley Jamieson’s memoir A Different Road.

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Carer Story: Supporting Dad

HeartCookiesBy Rosey Duncan

My Dad was a busy and productive man who worked hard and led a full life. Nicknamed The Mighty Atom by friends due to his energetic 'up and do' attitude, Dad served as a Flying Officer in the RNZAF during WWII (524 Squadron).

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Strength for Life Exercise Programme: 15 Minutes!

WayneHalkyardWith Wayne Halkyard 

If you want to build your strength to care better and prevent injuries, try national bodybuilding champion Wayne Halkyard's easy to follow 15 minute Strength for Life program.


Special Beds ... Tips and Advice

When it comes to specialist beds, retail outlets are fast catching up with traditional suppliers of medical equipment. Diana Noonan scouts around to find bed options that are 'just right'.


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Caring For Your Precious Older Pet

Like us, our furry and feathered friends may need extra help as they age. By Diana Noonan

When I was younger and cycling my way around Britain, I once spent a wet Yorkshire night holed up in a cosy barn in the company of a 53 year old donkey named Flossy. She had no teeth but happily dined on a delicious bran mash that her adoring owners had lovingly mixed for her. Years later, as I acquired pets of my own, I often thought of Flossy and the commitment we humans make to our animal companions, especially in their senior years.

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Hoarding ... A Disorder That Can Be Distressing For Everyone

Dr Maree Todd, a geriatrician for Auckland Hospital and advisor to Bupa Care Services, says Mary J's experience with her Mum's hoarding can be tricky to deal with.

"This is the story of someone with a hoarding disorder. These situations are always complex, have no simple cure, tend to develop over a long period, and cause frustration and distress to families, neighbours, and health professionals alike."

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Dressing Table Nostalgia!

DressingTableNostalgiaTake a treasure-filled trip down memory lane with residents of Bupa's Waterlea and Bethesda facilities!

Many of the beautiful items featured in this article were given by husbands and parents as gifts, many, many years ago, and are still treasured to this day.

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