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Video Series: Managing Bladder + Bowel Needs at Home

Andrea Lord of the New Zealand Continence Association talks on a range of topics relating to bowel and bladder incontinence.

The series covers assessment, choosing products, managing bowel continence at home, skin care, preventing infections, managing urodomes and catheters, and continence issues for people suffering from Alzheimers or Dementia.

Introducing Our Learning Series for Family Carers


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Strength: Video Collection

Introducing the Strength for Life Video Series

Strength for Life: Your 15 Minute Strength-Building Exercise Programme!


Strength for Life: Horizontal Extensions


Strength for Life: The Bent Row

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Webinars: Learning for Carers

Carers NZ's initial webinar series is currently being reviewed and we are designing new topics for those who like to learn and connect with other carers online!

Visit soon to see our new lineup of webinar topics. Webinars will be held monthly from the New Year, hosted by experts in a range of learning areas. We will be promoting these in our regular e-newsletters and in social media.

A typical webinar runs for an hour or so and allows carers to ask questions, learn about sources of help, and have a bit of time out during their day.


Carer Story: Dealing with a Serious Burn Injury

It pays to be prepared for emergencies: most injuries happen at home in an instant, says Virginia Linton, who was ill prepared when her partner was seriously burned. 

It began as mornings do: pouring boiling water from the jug into the coffee plunger so we could enjoy that first cup of the morning feeling before going our separate ways for the day. But this day was different, because we hadn't noticed a long hairline crack in the glass plunger insert.

In an instant, the whole thing shattered in a tempest of coffee grounds, glass shards, and scalding liquid.

Caring For You

Quick And Easy Crafts!

If you have some spare time on your hands, or are looking for something different to do, why not try some of our quick and easy crafts! 


These inexpensive projects don’t take long to make, and you’ll love the finished creation. Try your hand at making Flower Balls, Ribbon Bookmarks, Cup Cosies, and more! 

Also, read Simon Broad’s garden tips and crafts, complete with his ideas for inexpensive gifts from the garden. 

Caring For You

Life Coach: Good Vibrations!

PinkButterflyWhat comments, issues, or people 'press your buttons'?

Richard Blakeborough suggests you identify your Anti Calm triggers to deal with stress peacefully. 

Caring For You

Support At Home: Kitchen Confidential

It's natural to exchange personal information when a support worker comes into your home, but they also need to maintain professional boundaries. After all, they are there to do a job: to help you retain or regain your independence!

Providing support gives an intimate glimpse into one another’s lives. A support worker’s role is different from many other jobs. They have personal contact with their clients, close contact with clients' families, and their workplace is their client’s home, a very important symbol of independence.

Caring For You

Factsheet: When Death is Near

WhenDeathIsNearProduced in partnership with Carers NZ, Hospice NZ, and the Carers Alliance.

This helpful factsheet provides practical advice and information so you can better understand and cope when you loved one is dying.

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Family Care NZ ... Just for you!

FCNZAutumnrCoverPublished quarterly, each issue of Family Care is packed with helpful articles to help you self-manage common caring issues at home.

Regular features include Useful Things (useful aids, equipment, and fun stuff to help you at home or out and about), Support At Home (practical advice to help families and support workers care better together), reader stories, yummy recipes, and more!


Carers NZ Brochure

CarersNZBrochureDownload Carers NZ’s helpful brochure and add it to your own electronic carer infopack! 

This brochure provides information about Carers NZ, and the types of information and support the national not for profit offers family carers and their supporters.


Total Mobility Scheme

TotalMobilitySchemeReview this helpful booklet about the Total Mobility scheme!

Total Mobility Around NZ, developed in partnership by local and central government, will inform you about the Total Mobility scheme, which subsidises taxi services for people with serious mobility constraints that prevent them from using public transport.

The scheme provides:

• vouchers that discount normal taxi fares by 50%,


Keeping Mobile: Use Your Mobility Scooter Safely

If you currently use a mobility scooter or power chair or are considering using one in the future - this free booklet is for you.

Published by the NZ Transport Agency, Keeping Mobile: how to safely use your mobility scooter covers topics including scooter users' rights and responsibilities, safety and maintenance tips, advice on choosing the right scooter, and much more.

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