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Funded Family Care: How it works

If you support a disabled person aged 18 to 65 and have been assessed as being eligible for the Funded Family Care payment, here is how it works!


Care Planning Tools

Download our planning tools to ensure uninterrupted support for a loved one if you fall ill, have an accident, or die suddenly.


When Caring Ends

Looking after someone may be a large part of your life, but it is inevitable that your caring role will change over time.

This may be because the person you cared for has recovered and no longer needs care, or because they can no longer be cared for at home, or because they have died.

Whatever your situation, it is important to realise that you are not alone. It will be difficult, but you can find help and support.

This section is for carers who are experiencing significant change in their lives. It suggests steps you can take to help you through each situation.

Caring For You

Sleep: It's Complicated!

A good night’s sleep is something we all know we need, but chances are if you’re reading this you have a sleep problem.

Rest assured, if you’ll pardon the pun, you are not alone!  Huge numbers of us find it hard to perform this basic biological function. 

Most commonly we either can’t get off to sleep, or drop off quickly then wake up in the small hours, finding it almost impossible to get back to sleep. If we do finally drift off, we wake feeling tired and irritable, and the emotional pattern of the new day is set in motion. 

Caring For You

Life Coach: Dream A Little

"When I was a young boy, I was often chastised for daydreaming," says Carers NZ life coach Richard Blakeborough.

"Get your head out of cloud cuckoo land. Stop daydreaming. Grow up." 

The thing was, I enjoyed daydreaming. 

It was fun to imagine how things could be, who I could become, what I could do. 

It was interesting to see where these daydreams would ‘take me’.

I was still daydreaming when I went to university. 

One day, at a psychology lecture, I was staring out of the window. 

“What on earth are you doing?” asked the lecturer. 

Caring For You

Time for You!

If life is stressful due to health or disability needs, or supporting someone else, self-care is vital, says Louise Inglis.

My days are busy and often stressful, and usually I enjoy exercise alone as an opportunity to think or clear my mind.

While caring for my disabled son has many rewarding moments, it can also be physically demanding, emotionally

Caring For You

MeetUps: Learning, Sharing, Fun for Carers!

Would you like to meet other carers in your community?

Carers NZ is planning MeetUps for carers across the country in 2016. To find out where and when our upcoming MeetUps will be held, visit and search for 'carers' in your area. Click through to a MeetUp to RSVP; it's that simple! If you've joined the group you'll be notified of all upcoming MeetUps.


Wellbeing WOF: Check yourself out

Give yourself the once over! Use Katharine Findlays' warrant of fitness checklist to help you and your loved ones stay healthy through the year.

Caring For You

A Guide For Carers

A Government Resource

Every family carer should read the Government's Guide for Carers

It outlines the help available from many government agencies for those supporting a family member or friend who is older, has ill health, a disability, or a mental health, alcohol, or other addiction. 


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Grooming and Beauty: Video Collection

Introducing the Grooming and Beauty: Video Collection

Hair, Jewellery, Makeup ... Single Handed Self-Care!


How To Safely Trim Nose Hair


How To Trim A Man's Hair

Supporting Others

Dementia and Alzheimers: Video Collection

Introducing the Dementia and Alzheimers Video Collection

After Tomorrow: A Touching Short Film (15 minutes). Returning to the village of his estranged wife, James grows increasingly concerned when the sinister owner of the guest house refuses to let him leave. 


Dementia: A Parent's Wish for My Children. For children whose parents have dementia or Alzheimers.

Supporting Others


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